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Make confident and superior business decisions based on fast and easy access to trusted data. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud brings people and information together with revolutionary data management technology.

Experience the only end-to-end data management and decision making cloud solution designed for business and enterprise-grade experiences. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud combines powerful data management capabilities with the broadest advanced analytics, helping you to make confident decisions – all in one, all in the cloud.


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Product Strategy Ivo Bauermann


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Product Design Nico Licht

Expert knowledge to transform your business.

Our experts are leading the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud team to deliver best-in-class solutions. We’re backed by SAP’s over 45 years of industry knowledge and ready to deliver a future built for the cloud.

Now all lines of business can have quick and easy access to trusted, mission-critical information.

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SAP HANA Cloud at the core.

Access any data you need, when you need it, with the speed of SAP HANA and full elasticity so you never pay for idle systems. Instantly scale to ensure your business is prepared for anything. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can start small, see the value, and expand whenever you're ready.
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Open for business.

Beyond data management, now you can set goals, predict outcomes, gain insights, and plan for the future with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s out-of-the-box capabilities. Plus, benefit from limitless flexibility with integrations to any other analytics provider.

The bridge between enterprise and business.

Enterprise IT

Benefit from built-in enterprise-grade services like data governance, model consolidation, lifecycle management, and data transformation. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud helps you to enable the business with a single source of truth.

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Achieve business understanding faster with a user-friendly environment for all of your data and analytics. Combine enterprise data with the line of business-specific data for a seamless experience and faster insights.

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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is bridging the world of data facts with the world of ideas to advance human creativity and enable best-run businesses.

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