Fuel your intelligence with SAP HANA Cloud

SAP HANA Cloud brings the power and performance of SAP HANA to the cloud. Manage your data storage, federation, and run powerful applications all within a single cloud solution. Benefit from cloud qualities such as high-availability, elasticity, and low total cost of ownership by deploying SAP HANA Cloud either as a stand-alone solution or as an extension to your existing on-premise environment.

One simple gateway to all of your data

SAP HANA Cloud provides SAP HANA qualities and simplifies data access. It connects all your information without demanding that all data be loaded into a single storage solution. SAP HANA Cloud equips you with a unified access layer to simplify data processing while consolidating and harmonizing data integration to your intelligent applications.

Scale for data volume and performance

Control your costs with low maintenance, scalable solution and access your data however you like according to your performance needs. SAP HANA Cloud supports any amount of data and number of workloads. Separated storage and compute allows you to move your data up and down the stack according to your needs for performance and cost.

All data storage made equal

SAP HANA Cloud makes all data, regardless of size, category, and complexity, available to you whenever you need it. Access anything from data stored in a data lake to data stored in memory through a single access layer.

Power any application your way

SAP HANA Cloud powers the cloud analytic and data management applications from SAP. It also allows you to create and run any custom application using the user-friendly language of SQL and support for additional data types like geospatial, graph, or document.

SAP HANA Cloud is coming soon

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