Our guided learning missions walk you step-by-step through
the amazing world of SAP HANA Cloud, including detailed tutorials
and sample data and queries so you can try it out for yourself.
Presented in short, digestible videos, each module brings you closer
to experiencing the full power of SAP HANA Cloud.




Getting Started with your SAP HANA Cloud Trial

Your first mission is to setup your trial instance of SAP HANA Cloud and the data lake, including an end-to-end example of the basic features, including sample data, SQL queries, and calculation views.

What you'll learn:
1. Provisioning SAP HANA Cloud and the data lake
2. Getting to know the tools
3. Uploading data to your trial SAP HANA Cloud instance
4. Connecting to and creating data on the data lake
5. Querying data on SAP HANA Cloud
6. Accessing the SAP Web IDE Full Stack
7. Creating a calculation view
8. Giving access to your calculation view

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