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Evolve your data capabilities with SAP HANA Cloud


Since its launch in 2010, SAP HANA has become the in-memory database of choice for organizations. However, the exploding growth rate of data and increasingly complex landscapes have become common challenges over time. The need for a flexible and scalable cloud solution has never been greater – and that’s why we made SAP HANA Cloud.


This is a cloud-native database built on the high-performance HANA engine — but with true scalability and no upfront costs. SAP HANA Cloud breaks down the barrier between on-premise and the cloud to simplify data landscapes. It also protects the existing SAP HANA landscape by redirecting complex scenarios to the flexible environment in the cloud – all without sacrificing any data integrity.


This solution goes beyond mere data management and lays the groundwork for future innovation through machine learning, hyperscaling, and more.


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Why Extend to SAP HANA Cloud and
Go Hybrid

Increase Agility

Launch your cloud strategy on your own terms. You don’t need to move every on-premise SAP HANA workload to the cloud. Extend only what’s needed. Thanks to managed services, you can easily scale up compute and storage capacity separately with no upfront costs.

Unite All Data Sources

Get a handle on growth by using SAP HANA Cloud as a central access layer in the cloud, connecting to all data sources (on-prem, cloud, SAP, and non-SAP). Gain simplified data management and streamlined access to all your data in a single storage solution.

Leverage the Data Lake

SAP HANA Cloud comes with a built-in data lake, along with the in-memory storage and native storage extension you’re already familiar with. This low-cost storage option handles petabytes of data to help you with your ongoing growth. It also caters to data aging scenarios.

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See How Leading Companies Extend to the Cloud


The European leader in sanitary products successfully launched their new hybrid data strategy with SAP HANA Cloud. They broke down siloes and gained real-time data accesses. They also eliminated the need for their middleware data storage solutions. All this means that their hybrid data strategy is future-proofed.

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This global leader in chemical and ingredient distribution sought to innovate their processes and applications. With SAP HANA Cloud, they performed a proof of concept for a digital integration hub that harmonizes all their data sources.

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Some of the things you’ll learn include:
• Provisioning SAP HANA Cloud instances and data lakes
• The best practices for replicating data
• Additions to the SAP HANA cockpit
• And more!
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