The Next Evolution of SAP ASE and SAP IQ


High performance and high reliability are hallmarks of SAP ASE, SAP IQ, and SAP Replication Server. The security and stability of these products will soon be available in SAP HANA Cloud, combining the elasticity and flexibility offered by the cloud with proven, market-leading database performance.


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How can I benefit from SAP HANA Cloud?


For years, Sybase customers have relied on SAP ASE as their #1 transactional database, and on SAP IQ for extreme-scale data storage. SAP HANA Cloud builds on the legacy of the Sybase products, with new managed services that update their power for the cloud, bringing enhanced scalability, flexibility, and advanced analytics capabilities.


The new Adaptive Server Enterprise service will soon be available in SAP HANA Cloud, allowing you to move your on-premise SAP ASE databases to a secure, scalable cloud service managed by SAP.


Quickly create new SAP ASE instances to benefit from consumption-based pricing. Minimize costs by only running non-production servers when you need them.


The SAP HANA Cloud data lake service will be extended to support existing SAP IQ applications natively. This new capability will allow on-premise SAP IQ databases to be moved to a public hyperscaler and be offered as a managed service.


Benefit from on-demand provisioning and elastic use. Infrastructure resources can be scaled up and down to meet business demand whilst reducing TCO.

SAP Replication Server

The new Adaptive Server Enterprise Replication Server service will allow for existing on-premise topologies to be brought into SAP HANA Cloud.


SAP Replication Server has long supported customer needs with reliable and resource-efficient CDC-based technology. With SAP HANA Cloud, customers can now create high-performance architectures in an elastic environment, to move data between SAP HANA Cloud ASE and the built-in data lake with ease.


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Prepare for Future Innovation by Moving to SAP HANA Cloud
Cloud-native Database with True Scalability

Data is exploding — keep up by scaling your data storage and compute power capabilities independently, without any upfront investment.

High-performance Data on Demand

Access and analyze your data instantly. SAP HANA Cloud allows multi-model processing, enabling transactional and analytical processing in real time to get actionable insights from your data.

Complete Compatibility with Your Existing Architecture

SAP HANA Cloud extends your investments. Existing landscapes on SAP ASE and SAP IQ can be seamlessly migrated to SAP HANA Cloud, granting more control over your TCO.

Move to SAP HANA Cloud for Advanced Data Management

Self-service Scalability

With SAP HANA Cloud, compute and storage costs are independent for enhanced flexibility. Facing high demand? You can easily scale up as needed to take advantage of consumption-based pricing.

Built-in Data Lake

SAP HANA Cloud’s integrated data lake is built on SAP IQ. It helps customers deal with huge amounts of data in a smart and cost-effective way.

Developer-friendly Environment

SAP HANA Cloud is open to all SAP, custom, and third-party applications. Its environment allows for the development and modelling of custom applications, with a scalable query engine and multi-model support.

Multi-cloud Connectivity

SAP HANA Cloud comes with advanced connectivity features, giving you control over your cloud strategy. Connect to AWS or Microsoft Azure, with additional support planned for the future.

Keep building value with SAP HANA Cloud

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