Boost your data capabilities with SAP HANA Cloud

Migrate from SAP HANA Service on Cloud Foundry to SAP HANA Cloud

Data is only becoming more valuable yet abundant. That means that now is the time to deploy a data solution that gives you the opportunity to make the most of your data. By migrating from SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA Service on Cloud Foundry to SAP HANA Cloud, you gain all the tools needed for a successful cloud strategy.


SAP HANA Cloud is the next evolution of the SAP HANA offering. It’s a cloud-native database as a service that builds off the self-service capabilities first provided in SAP HANA Service. However, SAP HANA Cloud goes beyond just incremental improvements to offering all-new features that turn data into your organization’s most valuable asset. These new features improve efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO), freeing up your department to focus on the work that matters most.


Best of all, migrating to SAP HANA Cloud is easier than you think. Read on to see why leading organizations are making the migration.

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What You Gain by Migrating to SAP HANA Cloud
Go from Hot to Cold and Cold to Hot with Multi-tier Storage

SAP HANA Cloud’s new tiering capabilities drives down the cost of data storage and analysis. Store the most important data in the high-speed in-memory storage tier. If you shift data down to the native storage extension or the built-in data lake you get low cost, high volume storage. With these tiers, you gain fast and flexible data access on the petabyte scale.

Scale Compute and Storage Separately

Separately scale compute and storage up or down based on your needs. When demand is low, scale down to save on costs. This maximizes resource allocations and performance. Through this scalability, you choose the best mix of performance and price while lowering TCO.

Centrally Connect and Access All Data

Many organizations struggle to break down siloes between their on-premise and cloud data sources. SAP HANA Cloud connects all data, making it readily available for advanced analytics and intelligent innovation. Gain additional flexibility with virtualization capabilities. Read data from other sources without having to replicate or store that data.

Build Innovative Applications

Deploy increasingly sophisticated and powerful apps on SAP HANA Cloud, regardless of size. The developer-friendly environment leverages all data and can scale based on your needs. Enjoy a seamless transition to SAP HANA Cloud, as any application you’ve built with SAP HANA Service on Cloud Foundry can be migrated.

Gain Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Flexibility when it comes to data is essential. That’s why SAP HANA Cloud lets you choose your cloud infrastructure provider. Currently, you can connect to Microsoft Azure or AWS.  There’s also regional availability through data centers across the world.

Easily Complete your Cloud Transformation

Migration doesn’t have to be overly complicated or challenging. Save time and resources with the self-service migration tool. This makes it easy to transition to SAP HANA Cloud. See the full guide on how to migrate from SAP HANA Service on Cloud Foundry. Still have questions? This guide will help you with the entire migration process.

More Features

The Speed of SAP HANA – Now in the Cloud

Unprecedented Power

Speed gives organizations the edge over the competition. For years, SAP HANA and SAP HANA Service enabled organizations to run complex operations faster than ever. Now, the high performance of SAP HANA is available natively in the cloud.

  • Quickly gain insights from data by running transactional and analytical operations in real-time through analytical and predictive algorithms.
  • Get fast access to data in remote sources through virtualization powered by SAP HANA smart data access. This technology enables the data to be accessed as if they were local tables in SAP HANA Cloud, without copying the data.
  • Easily collect and analyze data in the built-in data lake

Data Security

Management You Trust

SAP HANA Cloud was built with security in mind.

  • Mask and anonymize data to protect privacy– while still being able to analyze the data.
  • Data is encrypted, no matter where it’s stored.
  • Flexible user management ensures that only the right people have access to the data.
  • Auditing capabilities means you can always rely on a detailed log of actions for every part of your SAP HANA Cloud instances.

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