Analytics Designer


Manage analytic applications at scale with a complete and
integrated environment for full flexibility in guiding your users.


Streamline Your Analytics Development

SAP Analytics Cloud, analytics designer enables analytics application designers to create centrally governable analytic content, ranging from dashboards achieved through guided analytics to sophisticated Planning and Smart applications.


Complete integration

Develop analytic applications that bring together BI, Planning, and Predictive capabilities.

Faster iterations

Customize, integrate, and extend content to rapidly iterate for your organization.

Tailored experience

Guide the users and adjust the widgets behavior based on their expectations.

Deliver custom interactions

Meet sophisticated requirements by developing state-of-the art analytics applications that bring together business intelligence, planning, and predictive capabilities in a powerful environment.

Prototype rapidly in a dedicated environment

Develop critical innovations by customizing, integrating, and extending existing content, templates, or user stories with connections to an existing set of data models and a rich library of widgets.

Delight users and implement closed-loop scenarios

Foster a consistent and continuous user experience across your entire business with reusable user interface elements while adjusting widget behaviors based on the expectations of all users. OData calls allow you to connect to transactional systems and applications can use Planning capabilities with scripting access.

Embed and integrate seamlessly

Create analytical applications with the flexibility to embed into other business applications. With bi-directional communication via scripting APIs, analytics applications can host and communicate with other Web pages.

Flexible API integration

The Web Page Widget and PostMessage API in Analytics Designer provide a very flexible way to integrate with other applications and dive deeper in your data analysis in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Consume real-time data on-premise

Integrate on-premise servers with Analytics Designer to consume live data from the on-premise server directly in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Creating Dynamic Layout

Use the new layout settings and APIs to create dynamic layout in Analytics Designer.

Using Timer in Analytics

With Timer, you can create animations, send notifications to end users regularly, and refresh your analytics applciation in intervals.

Learn More About Timer

Tailor how your users interact with their analytics by creating custom analytic applications. Full analytics designer capabilities are included with SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence.

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