Augment, Create and Transform


Reveal relevant, accurate, and actionable insights faster with augmented analytics
and the power of machine learning technology.


Augmented Analytics

Deep insights in less time

SAP Analytics Cloud's machine learning technology augments the analytics process, helping you go from insight to action in a fraction of the time. Automated technology enables you to avoid agenda-driven and biased decision making by revealing the story of what drives your business.

Search to Insight

A quick way to find answers

Natural language query instantly generates visualizations to answer your questions. Machine learning technology helps you to reveal important trends with the click of a button.

See It In Action
Smart Insights

Instant Insights

Understand the top contributors of specific data points without having to manually pivot or slice and dice your data. Machine learning technology saves you time so you can focus on more high-value activities.

Insights around the top contributing factors behind historical performance can be added to your story with ease, and visualizations can be enhanced with context relevant explanations.

Smart Discovery

Easily reveal insights

Identify key influencers and relationships in your data to discover how business factors influence performance. Automatically detect anomalies so you can take corrective action. Now, anyone can simulate the impact of strategic business decisions with machine learning projection.

Predictive Forecasting

Your early warning system

Forecast future performance with a single click. Time-series forecasts are automatically updated as new information becomes available.

Now you can enhance visualizations and planning forecasts with future projections to detect if, and when, there is a risk of missing established targets.

Smart Predict

Answer the toughest questions

Enable business analysts to build trusted and actionable predictions and increase the likelihood of positive business outcomes. With Smart Predict, analysts are able to train predictive models with existing data and apply them to new data to predict future outcomes, segment the customer base, and automate decisions.