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BARC’s The Planning Survey 20 is the world’s largest and most comprehensive independent survey
on planning and budgeting software, conducted from November 2019 to February 2020.


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SAP Analytics Cloud is a single solution for analytics with planning, predictive and BI functionality. The survey found SAP Analytics Cloud delivers considerable benefits to its customers, topped off with high customer satisfaction with vendor and product. The customer feedback in our planning survey’s 6th edition shows clearly that SAP is a leading vendor in the planning space.

- Dr. Carsten Bange, Founder and Managing Director of BARC

What makes SAP Analytics Cloud a Market Leader in Planning?

The Planning Survey 20 is based on findings from the world‘s largest and most comprehensive survey of planning end users.

SAP Analytics Cloud achieved 32 top rankings and 29 leading positions in five different peer groups including Enterprise Software Vendors and Solution-focused Planning Products.

SAP Analytics Cloud is ranked higher than any other enterprise software vendor in 22 categories including customer experience, business value, and product satisfaction.

"Great planning tool with the possibility to provide single access point to planning, but also reporting and predictive functions.”

-Customer, IT Consulting, over 2500 employees

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SAP Analytics Cloud has received two top-ranks in the simulation category in the last two years, thanks to its multiple options for simulating future outcomes for corporate development planning. With “What-if” simulation tools, decision-makers can uncover worst-case and best-case scenarios to make informed decisions.

Simulation tools can be used in private, sandbox environments that allow users to experiment with plans without affecting the central plan. With the flexibility to simulate data on a detailed or aggregated level, value driver trees can be also used to create advanced, driver-based simulations.

Customers are largely satisfied with the product’s simulation capabilities. SAP Analytics Cloud ranks top for ‘Simulation’ in four of its peer groups, a consecutive year of outstanding ranks.

Top Ranked

Ease of Use

SAP Analytics Cloud provides a modern web interface with ease of use on its purely cloud-based approach. Finance and business users, the primary target audience for the software, require only minimal IT expertise to run the system and perform planning, data acquisition, analyses, and reporting.

SAP Analytics Cloud supports its users with augmented planning and analytics features by being equipped with assistants, wizards, and predictive functions to help users with suggestions.

These usability features have convinced customers to extend the solution to self-service scenarios in business departments. The level of complaints about ease of use post-implementation is very low (3 percent), and SAP Analytics Cloud ranks number one for ‘Ease of use’ in two of its peer groups.

Top Ranked

Reporting & Analysis

Customers using SAP Analytics Cloud are frequently implementing analytical use cases such as ad-hoc query, reporting, and dashboards/scorecards, according to user and use case demographics. SAP Analytics Cloud’s strategic analytics platforms combines data discovery, visualizations, planning, and augmented analytics together to support different user roles in one centralized product.

When compared to its rivals in the ‘Global Vendors’ and ‘Enterprise Software Vendors’ peer groups, SAP Analytics Cloud’s reporting, and analysis functionality are especially praised by customers for its all-in-one capabilities and user experience. Furthermore, SAP Analytics Cloud is continuing to improve its features in application design and predictive functionality, with its large and growing development team.

Top Ranked


SAP Analytics Cloud offers functionality for all individual planning activities including strategic, operation, functional and financial planning. Its intuitive interface provides capabilities for top-down and bottom-up planning processes that support a large number of users.

The workflow process is equipped with commenting and annotations, predefined planning models, and simulation features, while creating a decentralized bottom-up planning process. Planning activities are organized in SAP Analytics Cloud using a calendar display, and planners can also use data allocations and strong collaboration features to work with the team in real-time. SAP Analytics Cloud ranks top for workflow support against its rivals in the ‘Enterprise Software Vendors’ peer group.

Top Ranked

Product Satisfaction

With comprehensive analytics and predictive capabilities, on top of functionality for all individual planning activities, SAP Analytics Cloud is the central component of SAP’s analytics, planning, and predictive portfolio. The solution continues to become richer in features to support strategic, operational, functional, and financial planning, including developments in application design, planning and predictive functionality, and planning business content.

The solution offers one source of truth by integrating all major SAP enterprise applications, such as SAP S/4HANA. SAP Analytics Cloud ranks top in the ‘Enterprise Software Vendors’ peer group, confirming its many satisfied customers.

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