Business Intelligence Overview

Prepare, Visualize, and uncover


Answer business questions on the fly with self-service business intelligence capabilities.
Interactively work with your data and uncover insights that matter.


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How it works
Leverage the latest analytics innovations

SAP Analytics Cloud’s business intelligence and augmented analytics capabilities help you evaluate and predict business outcomes. Now, you can reduce uncertainty and confidently make data-informed decisions beyond human bias with one simple cloud solution.

Transform your data to value

Prepare your data with the latest modeling capabilities. With SAP Analytics Cloud’s machine learning and smart wrangling technology, you can automate the data preparation process with automatic error alerts—allowing you to take quick action. These powerful modeling tools help you enhance your data with custom transformations, location coordinates for geo analysis, and multi-level hierarchies to gain deeper insights.

Connect seamlessly across solutions

Gain a 360-degree view of your data with SAP Analytics Cloud’s powerful connectivity capabilities. Our Cloud solution seamlessly integrates with a variety of data sources whether cloud, on-premise, SAP solutions, or third-party systems—allowing quick access to real-time information in one unified solution.

Augmented Analytics
Identify Unseen Correlations and Accelerate Business Decisions
Find answers easily with natural language query

SAP Analytics Cloud uses conversational artificial intelligence and natural language technology to answer the important business questions you need to know instantly. Machine learning technology helps you uncover important trends within seconds, so you can move forward with confidence and certainty.

Anticipate problems before they arise

Forecast future performance with a click of a button. Predictive forecasting automatically detects risks, so you can focus on proactive preparation and taking the best course of action.

Do more with less

Augmented analytics automatically analyze aspects of your business to uncover key influencers and unexpected results. Machine learning technology helps you simulate the impact of strategic changes on business outcomes, so you can gain valuable insights in less time.

Learn more about what augmented analytics can do for your business.

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Smart Wrangling

Discover Meaningful Insights

With the smart wrangling capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can get immersed in gaining insights from your data through stories and analysis, without worrying about getting the data prepared perfectly from the start. Leverage the power to manipulate, restructure and enrich data from both governed and ungoverned sources into a cohesive data set that helps you answer all the real business questions your organization faces. Paired with self-service analytics capabilities, everyone across the organization is equipped to interact and pull meaningful insights from your cross-enterprise data.

Geo Maps and Linked Analysis

Tie it together to see the full picture

Explore powerful location analysis features to showcase regional data, location trends, flows, and so much more. See the full picture of your business or gain deeper insights on specific location data points. With linked analysis, you can simultaneously update multiple charts in your story based on selected geographical context.

Communicate and Collaborate

Break down silos

SAP Analytics Cloud contains a variety of collaboration tools that were designed to ensure you and your teammates are always on the same page. From commenting directly on stories, easy sharing and customized bookmarking features, you can stay connected to work better, together.

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