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Experience executive decision making reimagined for the Intelligent Enterprise with
SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom.


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SAP Digital Boardroom invites leaders to interact with insights and simulate the impact of decisions on the company in real-time. The unique and engaging user experience works with your SAP Analytics Cloud subscription to help executives steer with a 360┬░ view of the company.

The Boardroom for Intelligent Enterprise

Total transparency

Give executives a complete real-time view of performance across the company to align decisions on a single source of truth.

Smarter decisions

Answer ad-hoc questions on the fly, simulate the impact of future decisions and uncover hidden insights using machine learning technology.

Simplified meetings

Reduce preparation time and offline topics with real-time analytics and in-app collaboration to leverage expert knowledge.

Boardroom Intelligence

Explore Your Information

Interact with analysis on the fly with intuitive business intelligence dashboards for executives. Navigate between different levels of information, combine key figures, compare trends, spot correlations, and dig deeper into results.

Adaptable Agendas

Run Impactful Meetings

Prepare and experience dynamic presentations through a user-friendly and interactive interface. Choose to follow a prepared agenda or run a freeform meeting with an exploratory dashboard.

Machine Learning Technology

Plan And Simulate

Gain an understanding of the key drivers and relationships contained in planning information. Run ad-hoc simulations and what-if analysis to compare the impact of potential decisions.

SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom

Experience a revolution in executive decision-making for the Intelligent Enterprise with real-time contextual information and actionable insights.
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