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SAP Analytics Cloud offers a single-gateway to enterprise-wide analytics in a unified, end-to-end solution. When paired with SAP SuccessFactors, you can elevate your intelligent enterprise journey with timely insights and confident decision making. Gain a 360-degree view of your business to help inform your HR decisions with a single source of truth at the core of your enterprise.


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Key Challenges for Human Resource Teams

Inability to connect and extract insights from cross-enterprise solutions

Today, HR needs access to a wide range of data — fast. Without insights from other parts of the business, such as experience management or finance, HR experts are unable to make holistic decisions and aid the company in adapting quickly to rapid changes.

SAP Analytics Cloud seamlessly connects to a wide range of data systems—whether SAP, including SAP SuccessFactors, or third-party solutions. This allows you to tap into enterprise-wide insights and experience a full range of analytics and planning capabilities, helping your HR team uncover opportunities and make strategic decisions.

Slow access to real-time information

A huge part of HR’s role is to provide insight into the workforce, respond to real-time market shifts, and support decision-making for the organization. Getting access to this information can be difficult and timely without the right solution.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, leverage advanced business intelligence and machine learning technology to empower automated, self-service insights—helping HR teams get answers in the moment, detect future trends, forecast potential outcomes, and drive organizational success.

Decentralized Workforce Planning

It’s common for organizations to execute their workforce planning in silos. Unfortunately, if you’re operating in siloes nowadays, you’re falling behind the competition who are using a centralized planning and analysis tool and collaborating across departments to create one source of truth.

Workforce planning shouldn’t be executed in a vacuum. SAP Analytics Cloud’s enterprise planning capabilities help align plans and collaborate across the organization. Leverage out-of-the-box Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Planning features in a unified experience.

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Solutions for the Intelligent Enterprise
Embedded Analytics

Optimize your performance with People Analytics. Leverage stunning data visualization capabilities, analyze workforce-related information, and tell compelling stories all within your SAP SuccessFactors solution.

Enterprise Analytics

Take your embedded analytics to the next level with the Enterprise version of SAP Analytics Cloud. Harness the power of business intelligence, augmented analytics, and extended planning & analysis to complete your data and analytics journey using the SAP SuccessFactors solution you rely on.

Packaged Business Content

Get started with SAP Analytics Cloud’s free Business Content tailor-made for a variety of HR scenarios, providing a quick and easy starting point for your individual analytic scenarios. Discover pre-built models and dashboards for Headcount Planning, Recruitment, Salary Planning, and more.

Why Integrate SAP Analytics Cloud?

Connect Securely with Connections

SAP Analytics Cloud seamlessly integrates with your different data solutions—whether finance, HR, or customer experience. Connect to data from multiple different sources and visually analyze your information to see the full picture of your business and make informed decisions.

Visualize Data with Business Intelligence

SAP Analytics Cloud provides self-service analytics, allowing everyone across the organization to create compelling visuals based on key business areas. Make better decisions by interacting with visualizations, drilling down for more detailed information, and answering business questions on the fly.

Automate Insights with Augmented Analytics

Automatically gain insights from any level of detail with Augmented Analytics powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Accelerate growth by discovering the key influencers of past results to simulate future scenarios and predict outcomes.

Simulate Future Outcomes with Enterprise Planning

Consolidate plans from across the organization and streamline your planning process with SAP Analytics Cloud’s enterprise planning capabilities. Create and modify versions of your planning data to drive better budgeting, forecasting, and analysis for the future of your business.

Tackle Headcount Reporting
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Meet Jasmine, an HR Manager and avid SAP SuccessFactors user at Best Run Bikes. Jasmine is responsible for creating her company’s Headcount Report but has run into some roadblocks, such as slow access to data, fragmented plans, and inability to extract insights. Discover how Jasmine streamlined her Headcount Reporting process by leveraging connections, data visualization tools, and Augmented Analytics to deliver insights that matter.

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